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Finding the best employment practices for your business is a simple concept, but some struggle with it. Happy and engaged employees are the backbone of successful businesses. But with the great resignation, hybrid work, and the increasing pressure on raising wages and benefits, employee engagement is close to an all-time low.

Suppose employee engagement is a struggle for your business. In that case, there are various employment practices you can implement immediately to improve employee engagement levels and foster a more motivated and productive work culture.

In this article, we’ll talk about seven proven best employment practices that today’s leaders can take to retain and motivate their most valuable assets.

Build Trust and Develop Human Connections

It is common for top-level executives to feel a sense of detachment from employees at the lower levels of the company. If you address this disconnect immediately, employees may feel appreciated and eventually resign.

To address this, you can try icebreaker games or improv exercises with your team to help break down barriers and encourage open communication and collaboration among team members. By exhibiting vulnerability, leaders can create an environment where employees feel valued and respected.

Build Your Employment Practices by Leading by Example

Simply talking about the importance of engagement with your team is not as effective as demonstrating it through your actions.

By consistently approaching every project with dedication and enthusiasm, you can exemplify the level of engagement you wish to see from your employees.

Offer Competitive Compensation and Benefits

When employees feel they are being compensated fairly and have easy access to benefits that support their well-being, they are more likely to feel satisfied with their jobs and remain loyal to the company.

Provide Opportunities for Training and Development

As employees improve their skills and knowledge, they can take on new responsibilities and further contribute to the company’s growth and success.

Providing training opportunities can also boost morale. Employees who feel that their employer needs more investment in their personal growth to feel motivated to perform at their best are less likely to seek opportunities elsewhere.

Articulate Company Objectives and Expectations

To foster a sense of shared purpose and direction among team members, it is essential to communicate the company’s goals and expectations effectively. Clarifying the company’s objectives and explicitly outlining expectations can help employees understand how to achieve success within the organization and contribute to its progress.

By ensuring everyone is on a similar page, you can create a cohesive team aligned around common goals and working towards a shared vision of success.

Don’t Mistake “Engagement” for “Happiness”

Although happiness and engagement are related, they are distinct concepts. Engagement is a critical driver of productivity and efficiency, whereas happiness is an emotional state. A happy employee may appear content, but an engaged employee is a proactive contributor to the company’s success. When both are present, employees tend to have higher levels of job satisfaction and better overall performance.

Grow Employment Practices by Encouraging Work-Life Balance

Long working hours and a lack of work-life balance can lead to burnout, stress, and other mental health issues. By encouraging work-life balance and recognizing the importance of a happy and stable life, you’re telling employees that they have no value not only for their work but also as individuals with personal lives and priorities outside of work.

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