We offer a healthy approach to life/health and employee benefits solutions.

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Our Employee Benefits Program

In addition to our extensive business insurance products, RBC Associates provides companies with Life/Health and Employee Benefits programs. Our programs are designed to help you recruit and retain talent in today’s competitive business environment. In addition, a multi-cultural, multi-generational and geographically dispersed workforce must be taken into account when designing an effective benefits package today.

At RBC, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. Working closely together, we help you understand the current market dynamics, identify your goals and pain points, and then develop a tailored strategy to meet your business needs.


Inside Our Programs


Health Insurance: Tailored to Your Business

RBC provides several distinct solutions depending on your business needs. From fully insured plans to alternative funding options (HSAs, FSAs) and non-traditional plan designs including self-insured plans, we will devise a program that balances your desire to provide your employees with key benefits with your financial parameters. We also have access to private health care exchanges, which may lower your costs and/or streamline your benefits programs.

Dental Plans: Offering Choice

We offer Group Dental plans designed to meet the needs of employees. Plans can cover basic services such as routine dental check-ups and cleaning as well as provide additional services such as fillings, root canal and other procedures; orthodontia; and oral surgery, endodontic and periodontics procedures.

Life Insurance: For a More Secure Tomorrow

Many employees and their families go without Life insurance as they feel they can’t afford to purchase a policy. With Group Life insurance, you can provide the coverage, the sense of safety and peace of mind employees look for. In the event one of your employees passes away unexpectedly, a Group Life insurance plan will provide compensation to his or her family.

There are several options from which to choose, depending on the size of your firm: an employer-paid Term Life plan, a supplemental employee-paid Term Life insurance option for increased coverage, a Term Life plan for dependents and domestic partners, a shared-cost or employee-paid Whole Life insurance policy, and supplemental coverage options such as Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D). Our Benefits specialists will review each option with you, comparing pricing and benefits, to determine what is right for your organization and employees.

Voluntary Benefits: Adding Flexibility to Your Program

We can help you supplement and complement existing core benefit packages with voluntary benefits for your employees. These benefits can include supplemental Health, Life insurance, AD&D, Dental, Vision, and Critical Illness, among others. Some employers are also offer wellness programs, especially important to young, health-conscious employees.

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