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Our Personal Insurance Solutions

Just as our business clients trust us to protect their companies and employees, they also rely on us to provide them with sound personal lines insurance strategies and solutions. Many of our clients have accumulated a wide range of valuable possessions and property – and with them substantial exposure to financial loss. Fine homes, distinctive vehicles, rare fine art and jewelry collections, and watercraft are among the items acquired.
At RBC Associations, our experienced and knowledgeable team can help you to thoroughly identify your personal exposures to loss and protect you and your family with a customized insurance portfolio and risk management plan.

Our Consultative Approach

To effectively serve your personal insurance needs, we provide the following:

  • An annual comprehensive personal risk review and exposure analysis
  • A strong focus on loss prevention and eliminating, reducing, and transferring risk
  • Design and delivery of a truly customized insurance portfolio

Insurance to Protect Against Risk

Homeowners Insurance

We understand that your home is your safe haven. Our primary goal is to provide you with peace of mind in the event of property damage or an accident on your property. This includes properly insuring your home and contents for Replacement Cost so that you can rebuild at today’s prices.

For high-value luxury homes, we can secure Guaranteed Replacement Cost to rebuild your home with like kind and quality materials, even if the actual cost exceeds your coverage limits. Furthermore, several of our insurer partners offer risk management services to high-net-worth clients. Our staff will assess your assets to ensure you have adequate underlying liability insurance and will extend that coverage for catastrophic losses with a Personal Umbrella/Excess Liability policy.

We also provide specialized coverage for vacation and secondary homes.

Auto Insurance

We will secure Automobile insurance that is the right fit for your needs. You may own a couple of vehicles or a personal fleet. You may have teenagers in the household. Or perhaps you have a motorcycle to ride on your days off. Whatever the case, we will put together the right personal Auto coverage to protect your assets and vehicles in the event of an accident or loss.

Flood Insurance

It’s important to stress that Homeowners insurance does not cover losses from flooding. You need separate Flood insurance. We can provide you with a basic Flood insurance policy to cover direct physical damage to your property up to $250,000, along with additional coverage up to $100,000 to cover your personal contents. There are also Excess Flood insurance policies available for high-value homes and their contents. An Excess policy may also pay for living expenses away from home while the damaged structure is repaired.

Classic Car Insurance

As a car enthusiast or collector in order to protect your prized possession you need specifically designed coverage in the form of Classic Car insurance. You can opt to buy Guaranteed Value coverage, which will pay the full-insured amount, less the deductible, for a covered total loss. In the event of an accident, you can choose who will do the repair work on your vehicle. Other options include roadside assistance, auto show medical reimbursement, and coverage for spare parts.

Condo/Renters Insurance

As a condo owner you need a special policy to insure your property from the unit’s walls inward and cover your liability for claims of bodily injury or property damage. Your personal belongings, such as furniture, window treatments, and clothing, are insured under a Condo policy. The policy can be supplemented with high-value items such as jewelry, wine collections, or art; upgraded appliances and cabinetry may also be insurable. It may also pay for alternate living arrangements if your unit is rendered uninhabitable as a result of a covered loss. The Liability portion of your policy will assist in paying for your legal defense as well as monetary settlements or judgments against you in the event of a bodily injury or property damage claim. Some insurers will also cover your financial liability in a loss-assessment against unit holders if the condo association is found liable for a claim that exceeds its insurance limits.

We also insure many tenants with a Renters insurance policy, which covers your personal property such as furniture, clothing, and other personal possessions against physical damage.
The liability portion of a Renters insurance policy will help with your legal defense bills and any settlements or awards that you have to pay, according to the limits of your policy.

Personal Umbrella Insurance

With significant assets at stake, we can provide you with additional Liability insurance to step in when the primary limits under your Auto or Homeowners insurance are exhausted. This is particularly critical for business owners who have significant assets personally and in their firm. Umbrella policies are available from $1 million up to $100 million.

Fine Arts/Collectibles Insurance

Standard Homeowners insurance provides a limited amount for fine arts and collectibles such as jewelry. Whether you have a curated art or wine collection or a few pieces of precious family heirlooms, we can provide you with customized protection. You can either opt to schedule each item with known values or purchase blanket coverage for a wider collection of lower-value items. Protection typically applies worldwide.

Private Office Insurance

Creating a private office to manage investments, trusts, household staff, property, legal matters, philanthropic ventures, succession planning and more comes with high-stakes liability risks. All directors, officers and professionals working for family offices are at high risk of being sued for everything from professional negligence to mismanagement of funds and employment discrimination. We can help design a customized program to protect the wealth and assets of your private office and the individual who services it.

Additionally, we provide coverage for watercraft, ATVs, RVs, and motorcycles. We can also provide individual Life, Health, Disability and Long-Term insurance solutions.

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