Snow Removal Tips for Your Commercial Property

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Your commercial property will probably endure harsh weather this winter, so you must prepare for the worst. A lot depends on the geographical features and the amount of snow present. Snow removal can be a relatively simple job that takes only a few hours. Or it could be a complex undertaking that lasts several days or weeks.

Hopefully, you have taken the crucial step of getting commercial insurance for your property. Commercial property insurance covers losses or damage incurred from snowstorms or heavy snowfall. To protect your assets and investments, having commercial property insurance in New Jersey is essential.

For commercial property owners, snow removal can be much more complicated than expected. Comparing different bids and proposals often reveals a wide discrepancy between various offers. Although most companies offer similar services, they can vary considerably concerning technical skill, knowledge, and experience.

What You Need In a Snow Removal Service 

Snow removal services can vary considerably in approach and methodology. Some shovel away the snow and cart it off in a truck for disposal. Others employ more sophisticated tools, equipment, and technology to remove snow from the premises.

Choosing between these types of services depends on the complexity of the geographical features and how much snow you need to remove. Relatively flat terrain may require only a small crew working with shovels, wheelbarrows, and a truck. The same goes for properties with a reasonably small amount of snowfall.

More advanced snow removal services may be necessary if your property has hills, troughs, and rocky ground. A specialist outfit may have a larger crew, snow blowers, tractors, cranes, and the large trucks needed for a complex job.

How Much Does Snow Removal Cost? 

As you might expect, prices can vary widely between the different services. Smaller crews that rely mainly on physical labor and simple equipment may charge $25 to $65 an hour.

Expect to pay on the lower scale for relatively simple jobs involving a walkway and a single-car driveway.

The costs can go up significantly for more significant properties with more complex geographical features. Some large property owners routinely pay several hundred to a thousand dollars to have snow removed by a professional service.

Qualities of a Good Snow Removal Service 

Even after choosing between a small local outfit and a more sophisticated national service, you might need help deciding if a particular firm is the right choice. Here are some of the qualities you might find in a good snow removal service:

Clear Communication 

Effective communication is essential for getting the job done correctly. It would be best if you had a contractor that can understand your instructions after you explain them. It would also help if you had a good idea of what challenges to expect during cleanup operations.

Proactive Approach 

The best snow removal firms begin preparing for a job before the actual clearing work begins. Visiting your property and conducting pre-season inspections are some of the earmarks of a snow removal contractor you can rely on.

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